Exercise your brain and test your knowledge of drugs and the way they affect the brain and body. You can join Sara Bellum on her quest, go head-to-head with Dr. NIDA, test your memorization skills with Pick a Card, or have fun with the other games on this page!

Please note: These games were previously on the teens.drugabuse.gov site and were Adobe Flashed-based. As of March 2021, due to Adobe no longer supporting Flash technology, the games have been removed. Please visit teens.drugabuse.gov to see new games and activities.

Brain DestinyBrain Destiny—Become the scientist in a laboratory to discover all the parts of the brain and what they do.

What Neurotransmitter Are You?What Neurotransmitter Are You?—Take this fun quiz to find out which neurotransmitter best represents your personality.

PyraMind ClimbPyraMind Climb—Answer trivia questions as you make your way through the pyramid. The player with the most questions answered correctly is the winner.

Dr. NIDA's ChallengeDr. NIDA's Challenge—Explore a body to find out what happens when someone uses drugs. Take the challenge and see if you can build a better body.

HIV, AIDS, and Drug Abuse GameHIV, AIDS, and Drug Abuse Game—Navigate the maze and answer the questions correctly to make your getaway.

Pick a CardPick a Card—Match a card to the fact above until you have all cards face up.

Sara's QuestSara's Quest—Join Sara Bellum to explore the brain's response to different drugs!

Space Wrangler GameSpace Wrangler Game—Answer the questions by shooting the correct color asteroid.